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Land of Legends coffee farm sits on 120 acres of a naturally spring fed reserve of cloud forest in the hills outside of Seguatepegue, Honduras.  Considered the best location for growing coffee in the country.  The owner lives on the property with his wife and three children.  The farm employs over 100 people throughout the year.  He takes great care to ensure a strong biodiversity across the farm that is noticed in every cup of Land of Legends coffee and the reason he has received an 87 rating for his highest quality beans. 

The farm produces both Organic as well as more traditionally farmed coffee beans.    Our commitment to producing great coffee, using only ecologically and culturally sustainable methods, is evident in every cup.  Across the expanse of the farm you will find scattered amongst the coffee plants; banana, mango, avocado, and other fruit trees that add strength to the growing process as well as sweet fruit aromas and taste to the coffee.

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